Veterinary Dental Supplies is a New Zealand based company, supplying quality dental products and education to NZ veterinarians.

Veterinary Dental Supplies (VDS) offers an extensive range of veterinary dental equipment, instruments and consumables which cover all aspects of veterinary dentistry including endo and orthodontics. At VDS we work closely with board certified veterinary dental specialists and only supply equipment and products that are used and recommended by them, giving you the assurance that everything we supply is reliable and of high quality. Many of our products are exclusive to our company, offering new treatment capabilities for your clinic.

At VDS we not only supply dental equipment and products, but we also work with leading veterinary specialists and residents to provide a complete veterinary dental education program.  This is a comprehensive program which involves educating your staff on both the clinical and business aspects of running a successful dental program and which ultimately transforms veterinary into an enjoyable, clinically excellent and profitable part of your practice.

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Dental Supplies

Equine Dental Equipment

Specialist equine dental equipment, instruments and products from Veterinary Dental Supplies

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In Clinic Dental Workshops & Wet Labs

Veterinary dental workshops conducted in your clinic and tailored to your team's specific needs. These cost effective workshops result in the implementation of long lasting improvements.

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MAXI/GUARD® is veterinary dentistry’s most user friendly and effective oral cleanser for dogs, cats, horses and exotics and has been used worldwide for the last 20 years.

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Daily tooth brushing is the gold standard in pet dental homecare but, to be effective, it has to be carried out regularly which means it cannot be a battle.

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Cislak Veterinary Dental Hand Instruments

Cislak veterinary dental instruments are made in the USA specifically for veterinary use from high-quality stainless steel and titanium.

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Veterinary Dental Burs

A full range of, Meisenger tungsten carbide and diamond burs. Manufactured in Germany, these burs are of exceptional quality, precise and reusable.

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Veterinary Dental X-Ray Equipment

The largest range of veterinary dental X-ray equipment available in New Zealand.

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Veterinary Dental Systems

Be it the state of the art Ultima series or the cost effective Inovadent range, our systems are quality products, including the latest technology & packed with features.

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Specialty Equipment

Specialty products include SANOS dental sealant, synthetic bone graft, VDS Thermoreversible Gel, endodontic materials and dental models.

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Veterinary Dental Consumables

Includes adjustable full face shields and surgical masks to protect you during dentistry; 100% natural flour of pumice prophy powder and disposable prophy angles.

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